Thursday, 22 September 2011


Its that time of year again when I scourer book shops (online for this purpose), for new titles which are due to be released. Back a few months ago I ordered the following books, ready to store away for Christmas... (Yes I am that organised lol)

I just LOVE, LOVE her style!

Cath Kidston The Crochet Book

I have wanted to learn to crochet for the last few years, so I thought this would give me the perfect opportunity to have ago over Christmas.

Cath Kidston The Knitting Tin Book

Such a lovely gift don't you think!

There are so many books I am in love with, but these were my firm favourites for the minute.

Oh how I just love books! They inspire, let you dream and most of all encourage you to relax and enjoy :) I can't wait!

What are your favourites?

Warm wishes