Friday, 28 September 2007

Vintage Postcards

I thought it was about time that I showed some pictures of some of the lovely things I have managed to get at my local car boot. I have been very fortunate to discover some real treasures and have also come to realise that where I live only a very few people must look for the same things as me. We never normally get to car boots before 9.30 which is when most of the keen bargain hunters are leaving (I too was one of these prior to having Ella.) I see people walking past with general house hold things and toys but never anything I would buy, but yet it always surprises me when I come across what I see as vintage treasures, normally the best things I have found have been bought during the end of a car boot and I'm always amazed that some one else has never snapped them up. My best find so far has been this amazing collection of 1900 postcards. I spied some old albums and casually had a look as I was expecting it to be filled with the usual scenic postcards, but imagine this, on opening one album I casually asked the stall holder if there were any floral cards to which his reply was 'oh yes there are quite a few' well that was it, my instincts kicked in... I grabbed another photo album while Jeremy started to look through the other three. I had to contain my excitement when I came across the first page filled with beautiful floral post cards, I was expecting the man to be selling the albums filled so when I asked him this his reply was 'Oh I'm just selling the post cards individually for 50p, now can you picture my amazement... sad I know but there is just something so appealing about them and its even better if they have been written on. Needless to say I bought every single floral card he had (about 35) and then was very cheeky and asked if he would sell me one of the albums, which he did. That day I was so ecstatic.. lol. I often look for floral post cards so was aware of how much they can cost. I was surprised to see other people look at the albums then walk off when told the price.. strange! Once home I had a lovely time reading each one, they were all part of a collection from one lady dated from 1904 to 1906, it felt like reading her diaries, it really struck home that in our age of computerising everything what treasures of our everyday lives will there be for future generations to read about. I can't actually remember the last time I wrote a letter to a friend or sent a post card, does any one else feel this is a shame? I suppose that is why I love vintage post cards so much, they are like a little gate way to a time that was, when if you wanted to meet up with a love one, a card would be sent detailing the time and place, abet some cards expressed sadness that they had not met (the postal service was just the same then I suppose.) Can you imagine sending a card now a days to a friend or family detailing when and where you were to meet, well going by royal mail standards you would constantly miss each other due to the delay of you post.. . lol. So today I have decided to write a few letters... well that is when I can find some writing paper.

Please let me know if you feel this way too... or is it just me???

More picture of my finds to follow soon, I got a little carried away when writing about the post cards (I have an inability to stop once I actually do start writing.) So I thought it was best to save the other things for my next post.


Friday, 14 September 2007

Just a quickie... make that a long post!

Where has the time gone, sorry for the lack of blogging but I am currently suffering from TO DO LIST overload, I have got so many things going on at the moment that blogging was one of the things that didn't need urgent attention. In fact the thought of what I still need to do fills me with dread. One downside of running a business is the constant need to plan ahead, so at the moment I'm currently in the process of updating the website, whilst trying to get my head around the stock for Christmas... Yes I know but within the next few weeks I will be receiving all of the winter and Christmas stock that I have ordered which will then need to be photographed.

I have so many things I want to write about but unfortunately I have not yet got around to photographing the things I want to show you... I have found some fantastic things at our local car boot recently so have plenty to show you but I simply cant muster up the creative energy to take photographs that will do them justice. On a good note though I have currently been pouring all of the time I normally spend blogging into being CREATIVE! I have been having a fantastic time making lots of things for the business, they have been planned for ages. I'm on such a roll at the moment that I'm a little reluctant to use the computer (strange but true for once) I have put it down to having a new sewing machine, I have got so many ideas emerging that I just go with the flow and create. I'm really pleased with what I have made so far in fact once I finish this post I will be off to the sewing room to do yet more creating.

On a personal note, my little girl had her first visit to nursery this week, I was so anxious yet happy for her, this is probably to do with the fact that it is her first step onto the whole 'going to school' ladder, growing up etc, I just don't know where the time has gone. Fortunately we are able to stay with her while she has her visits (another one on Monday.) This has helped immensely, she has been so eager to start nursery but was very shy when we first arrived and for the initial 10 minutes was rather unsettled, once she had found her feet there was no stopping her, in fact Jeremy and I were told to stand over there ( talking to the Nursery staff prior) as she was busy socialising and finding her feet :) I felt so happy and proud! (she reacted just how I had expected her to.) I just hope that when we take her for her first proper day next Friday she will be able to settle in and hopefully not have any tears. Jeremy has been great and has arranged to start that morning later so we can take her together.. I know I will be in tears as soon as I get home, make that the car.

On a blogging note, the lovely Jessica has nominated me for this...

Thanks Jess

In fact she did it weeks ago sorry Jess!

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I now need to choose 7 people to pass this award onto, so here goes;

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Bye for now and thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post :)