Friday, 29 February 2008

Well what can I say, two posts in one month is not good. I had started the year so well and really enjoyed blogging regularly but with one thing and another this month has just flown by. Here is a little run down of where my time has gone.

  • Work, joining http://www.notonthehighstreet/ has taken up most of my time, oh and the lovely new addition of a mountain of stock that then needs to be photographed with my swish new SLR camera, wow it is amazing to use, hence me taking hundreds of photos compared to my usual few. I love photography, a passion I discovered when I started up the website. But this did then equate to three times the amount of editing. Then all that needs to be added to the website etc... a job I have yet to get round to finishing. Oh and there is even more stock arriving which will need to go through the long process. Fingers crossed for some lovely sunshine but at the moment that doesn't look very likely (rain and dull grey clouds here).

  • Having fun. It was my birthday the other week so a great excuse for meals out with friends and family. Not to mention fun days out with Ella at half term.

  • Gardening, not much but enough to keep me happy, lots of prep for the year ahead. We will be planting our seeds tomorrow ( Ella and me that is), we have decided that we are going to grow our own veg and salad things this summer. Only a small amount of space but that wont stop us. Vine tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, carrots, spring onions oh and Ella's favourite runner beans.

  • Being ill, oh how I hate it, especially when I have a huge to do list.

  • Making lots of things for orders through the website.

  • A house that never stays tidy no matter how much I try.

  • The gym... the one place I can completely switch off and relax mentally. I gain so many benefits from going so was rather down when my back was playing up. Fingers crossed it has been ok recently.

When you write it down like that there really isn't very much, but boy do they all take time up.

Ella is asking for a drink... for the tenth time that is, so I really better get off and sort one out. Bye for now...


Thursday, 14 February 2008




Look what my gorgeous man made for me... heart shaped toast and a yummy hot chocolate. Plus my favourite chocolates and flowers.. thank you Jeremy it's these little things you do that make me love you so much x x x

Sadly we are all ill at our house with a terrible cold, typical when the house is filled with lots of new stock and a huge to do list for the business, as always things never go to plan but at least we can all snuggle up on the sofa, relax and eat some delicious chocolates :)

x x x With love to you all x x x