Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas is nearly here...

So why am I not ready yet???

My poor little Ella is sadly very ill with a horrid cough, cold and high temp so any Christmas crafting/outings are out until she is well again... lots of cuddles and rest should do us all the world of good.

As usual the business has been taking over ever spare minute of the day so sadly no time for any blogging, thank you every one who left a lovely comment on my last post :)

I will be writing yet another list of things I want to do before Christmas.

I thought it would be nice to show you a few pictures of our home, Ella and I had a fantastic time dressing our trees, she has such a creative eye, I was amazed at how well she dressed both trees, in fact only a couple of adjustments were needed.

Every year we have two trees, one in the dinning room that is filled with all of our 'delicate' crystal and glass Christmas decorations all white, silver and pale blue, lovely... plus they also co-ordinate beautifully with all my vintage glass that I display in the dinning room.

The second tree in our lounge is filled with only handmade decorations which all follow a traditional colour scheme, both rooms are a complete contrast but so special (sadly I've not yet got around to photographing that room as the light is so drab at the moment).

I decided last year to keep one of these Nativity sets back for Ella, which she loves and re arranges constantly.

I couldn't quite bring myself to cut up these lovely vintage necklaces so decided to dress them on one of my vintage glass cake stands, they catch the light beautifully when the votive is lit.

I still have lots of glass chandelier droplets that I'm going to attach to ribbons then hang at the window.

I hope you are all having a lovely time getting ready for Christmas.

*** Wishing you all a lovely relaxing Christmas ***