Tuesday, 13 November 2007

*** Getting ready for Christmas ***

Hello again...

It has been such a long time since my last blog but it wasn't my choice I'm afraid, blame my business...

We have had lots of gorgeous stock delivered ready for the run up to Christmas, hence my lack of contact with the blogging world. Instead I have been busy photographing, listing, designing and making things for the website, we have just launched our Christmas range too which I really love this year...

Now that I have nearly thankfully finished the huge amount of 'things to do' regarding the business I can start to enjoy the run up to Christmas. The weather is starting to get really cold now and I find this always helps me to get in the Christmas mood, lots of cosy evenings planned in front of the fire getting the home ready for Christmas. Ella has already started crossing off the days to December in eager anticipation for when the tree will go up, she's gets really excited every time we see Christmas lights and decorations in the shops:)

Since having Ella I have really started to embrace the whole run up to Christmas... and this includes putting the tree up on the 1st December. We started our own family traditions when Ella was born, so we are all starting to get excited about all the fun things we will be making and baking... plus a trip to our local Library will be in store this week so week can get some of the fantastic children's Christmas craft books to give us yet more ideas. I will be adding a few new traditions this year now that Ella is that little bit older (31/2). I have been on the look out for a ginger bread house kit, so if anyone has any suggestions on where I can buy one or even a recipe for the ginger bread (that works), please add a message :)

I'm currently turning my creative side to the gifts I will make, I hope my lovely sister doesn't read this but I have a few ideas on what I will make her... I think it will be a large cosmetic bag/roll that she can use on holiday, then fill it with some lovely bathing products. For once I can't decide what to make for my mum, last year I made a lovely sewing box, using a box file which I covered in fabric, then made sections inside which I filled with lots more handmade sewing paraphernalia including a embroidered felt case for the embroidery scissors, button box, needle case and a cupcake pin cushion. She loved it so much that she cried with happiness when she saw it.

I'm really looking forward to looking at every ones blogs this Christmas, it will be lovely to see what all you creative people are busy making, I especially love to see peoples homes during Christmas too :)

I hope I'm not the only one who is suffering from a serious case of 'I cant wait for Christmas.'
How are all your Christmas preparations going???