Thursday, 28 June 2007

You made me smile...
I just had to write a little thank you to all the lovely people who have left messages. It really is a fantastic feeling reading your kind comments. Now that I have my own blog I have come to realise how much you really do feel part of a very friendly and creative community. I cant believe I have waited so long to do it. I thought I would include this picture as a little thank you, from me to you, its just a shame you can't smell them as there sent is divine. I took the picture of the flowers just after I rescued them from the dreaded rain, in fact every time my poor roses come into bloom it rains.


Saturday, 23 June 2007

Candy Colours

Today was a ' I need to go food shopping day' I decided to only pick up a few things as it was so busy, but whilst looking for a boring spatula look what gorgeous goodies I found... I was amazed at the price and the quality!

Now if I told you they were from Asda would you be amazed? the most expensive items were the jug and blue bowl both at £6. I know, a fantastic price... and they are ceramic. I have come across items like this whilst shopping for my business at trade fairs, but they have always been plastic and as I have been after some ceramic ones like the original vintage ones my mum still has and uses, I had given up hope, so I just had to share this find:) In fact I love them so much that I will have to go back and pick up a few more bits from the range, even my partner Jeremy likes them, well they are practical and very pretty so he cant argue!

Look what else happened to jump out at me, Ella loves them and they are pink (her favourite colour) so we just had to get them also.. yum yum.

As you can see they were a perfect styling aid for the pictures I needed to take of the new tea cosy for my website. Business and pleasure at it's best!

I'm off now to eat one... bye x

Thursday, 21 June 2007

My First Post... Lavender

I thought it was about time that I started my own blog, after spending months looking at other peoples and saying to myself, I really must set one up.. well I have finely done it! As I have read in other peoples blogs, it really does feel strange writing one yourself. Well here goes, less of the rambling and more of what I want to show you.

A little corner of my home

I had a lovely day at my mothers house yesterday. I have been eyeing up her three huge lavender plants for the last few weeks, eagerly awaiting the time that they can be cut (due to all the rain we are having at the moment the flowers were getting ruined.) Mum was a little disheartened at first but got in to the flow once we started cutting. It was so therapeutic and the smell was divine.

Another thing I am going to have to get into the habit of is having my camera with me. Once we had picked the flowers there was a basket full, twice the amount above, I looked at them in my mums old willow basket and thought... oh I need my camera, I did try the camera on my mobile phone but the pictures were constantly blurred, now is it just me who has a problem with keeping the phone still? Plus the picture is always delayed, you click it and think oh yes perfect, then when you see what you have really photographed, it looked like my daughter had taken the picture. I took these pictures today with my normal camera, fortunately the lavender still looked fresh.

Another reason why I wanted to start blogging is to encourage myself to make all of the things I have put in my 'creative' note pad, don't laugh, I have about six on the go, each one has a different purpose, sad I know but I hate having things muddled up. Well I have started to make the linen birds that I planned to make last summer. I managed to get some gorgeous vintage French metis a few weeks ago and after seeing all of that lavender I decided to start them now, here is a sneaky peek of one.

Hope you come back soon x