Friday, 5 October 2012

Say hi

Meet Theo,
He is a cute little fellow who loves to smile and coo. Enjoys late nights and drinking copious amounts of milk, only the good stuff mind you! He can be stinky (like most boys), but does enjoy a good splash in the bath. Favourite hobbies included drinking milk, sleeping and just being damn well gorgeous. He says hi by the way... Oh and he melts his mummy's heart as soon as he looks at her.
Babies hey, just too cute for words!

Friday, 28 September 2012

What a difference a YEAR makes

Wow I can't quite believe a whole year exactly has passed since my last post. This past year has seen some huge changes, filled with utter delight and heart breaking sadness.

In December 2011 my best friend lost her two year battle breast cancer, just writing this makes me cry. I miss her so, so much and hate the fact that I can't just phone or text her with some random silly thing, we knew each other so well, we just understood and supported each other wholeheartedly, a friendship like ours will never be forgotten and always treasured. I miss you Tracey with all my heart, your here with me always in those wonderful memories we had. So many things Tracey spoke with me about have made a real difference to my life. She tought me to live in the moment, to achieve my real dreams and to stay focused on what makes me happy. For these words I am eternally grateful.

Now to the other huge change in my life, well let's just say our family of three became a family of four. In early August I gave birth to a gorgeous little boy. To say I'm in total love would be a severe understatement. My little boy is truely amazing and completes our little family in so many ways.

The strange thing was that I always knew I would have a little boy, strange I know but I just did. I had previously spent the last few years with a growing feeling the my work, life balance was way out and that I would reach a certain age and be filled with regret, regret that I could of done xyz, instead of working constantly, so I decided to make a change. And xyz are just so much better!

Here's to life and enjoying it, treasuring every moment, living the life you want and doing whatever makes you happy. A life without regrets!