Sunday, 20 January 2008

I'm currently suffering from a bad back... I think I may of pulled a band of muscles in my lower back on Wednesday and unfortunately it just isn't doing very well. One positive outcome of this is that we have now been and bought a lovely new mattress (our current one is seriously bad and we have been on about getting one for ages). So fingers crossed I will be back to normal and feeling fit again by my next post.


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yeah the sun was shinning

We knew it was going to be a lovely day as soon as we woke up, and other than feeling a little cold we all had a lovely time.

One of the fun things at Rufford park is the forge you have to go through to get to one of the entrances.... Well when we saw the ROAD CLOSED sign we were not put off and went around the long way. Normally when we go to Rufford park with our friends, one of the fun things to do in summer is to drive through the forge and splash the water as high as possible.. much to the delight of the children watching, its like a family attraction. Well that day the road was well and truly out of action and oh oh boy was I glad we went the long way around. It was completely flooded see pictures below, needles to say no one was waiting to be splashed but we did have a giggle when some one drove at full speed to go through the forge as usual, only to then notice the road was now a river... well they soon decided to stop as we all looked on in horror.

The river in the distance is where the road should be.

Ella loved feeding the ducks and felt very sorry for the swans, ducks and geese that were further around the lake, so next time we will take a full bread loaf and remember to keep some for them.

After a yummy lunch we walked back through the woods... going on a bear hunt, Ella completely loved this and was convinced we would find one. Jeremy just didn't know what I was on about but we had a great laugh, needles to say we didn't find one. (see this link if you are unsure of the book.. )

We also found lots of signs of spring plus plenty of wildlife who have been enjoying the treats left by visitors.

I have never seen a squirrel so big, he knows where the best spot to feed is.

I have nearly finished my little project so will include pictures on the next post (mental note... order bag handles). Thank you again for all your help on the fabric front I have even more projects in mind. And now that the frantic Christmas rush is over I have some free time to make some of the things planned.


Friday, 11 January 2008

Rain Rain Go Away
The weather here has been pretty horrid for the last few days and just isn't reflecting my mood. I'm longing for Springtime and cant wait to be able to get back into the garden and have lots of lovely flowers to look at... oh and some sunshine would be fantastic. In anticipation of spring I have already got a mad clearing out bug so have been 'spring cleaning' the rooms and well I just don't know where all the clutter comes from. As a result of all of my sorting I now need to do a run to the charity shop with a gigantic box of clothes, a trip to the clothing bank to recycle the things that are not suitable for the charity shop then a trip to the skip to get rid of endless cardboard boxes, a hoover and... well the list just goes on.

I cant wait for my roses to come into bloom, sadly that will take quite a while.

We are planning to go to Rufford park tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a break in the rain. Ella will have a great time even if it does, she just loves all the rain and puddles, I may even join in with the puddle splashing.

Thank you for your replies and help with my search for the fabric, I actually cant believe that I have got lots of blue polka dot fabric that is exactly what I was wanting, it was just in the shape of a laundry bag that I sell on the website, sadly I have no nice pictures to show you as the light is just too dreary to even attempt to take pictures but hopefully I will have some pictures of the finished project soon.


Saturday, 5 January 2008


I just thought you may like to see some more of my Christmas presents... I really love them all and when ever item is practical yet so pretty how can you say no.

This will be for the bathroom (when finished) I intend to line it with this fabric.

I have had my eye on these Greengate cake tine for a while now and was so pleased I finally bought them.

Storage tins for my work room and a Cath Kidston tea towel which may become a bag for my knitting.

Don't you just love pretty things, they really do make me smile every time I look at them.

Oh before I forget to ask, does anybody know where I can buy some pale blue and white polka dot fabric (good quality cotton), I know Cath Kidston does it but the spots are too big for what I need it for, any advice would be of great help as I have about given up hope of finding any...

x Faye x

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Decorating.. yes please
Well the Christmas decorations have now been taken down and the house feels rather bare but this is good. I cant wait to get started on projects for the home. The first one will be the bathroom... currently it is in a severe state, back in October we started... erm make that Jeremy started to rip out the old bathroom suite but sadly after ripping the whole shower unit out and hacking nearly all the horrid tiles from the walls he discovered that a lot more work was in store. Some lovely person had decided to put cork tiles all over the wall under the tiles, now this may of been a good idea at some time but not for us. Well to cut a long story short we decided to wait until the new year to tackle the project again, Fortunately I have the best bit designing it :) Currently we have decided to tong and groove the bottom half all the way around, then plaster the top part. We are just having a hard time choosing which Farrow and Ball paint colour to choose, we have tried over six tester pots but none are quite right so the hunt will go on. Other than that we have the bathroom suite, taps shower well the list goes on... all waiting in the dinning room, this also means that once they have gone and the bathroom is done I can re decorate the Dinning room... this bit I am really excited about (Jeremy doesn't know that bit yet though..he he).

This is one of my Christmas presents! A Cath Kidston Handbag... I love it, and its the perfect size too, well a girl can never have too many bags.

Sadly the light is too poor to take a picture so I used the Cath Kidston one.

I am currently in the process of going through all my interior magazines and ripping out ideas/styles to inspire... I hope it's not just me but does any body keep every copy of every magazine, well new year and new start so I have organised them all and I'm currently in the process of ripping them up then recycling the bits I don't want.

Has any one else started planning to re decorate?

Bye for now, I'm off to sort yet more magazines.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

We have had a lovely relaxing Christmas, thank you for all your get well wishes for Ella she was back to her normal self just before Christmas began, sadly I had got the dreaded cold from her for Christmas but I'm back to normal now... On a personal note, this year I decided to have money for Christmas. Boring I know and not much fun on Christmas day but the pleasure kicked in shortly, well that was as soon as the sales started. I have been a little naughty and gone a little shopping mad but will have lots of lovely pictures to show you all in the coming weeks that is when it's all delivered.
This new year has filled me with optimism and excitement and I have even started 'Spring Cleaning'... eager I know but it just has to happen when you get a new interior books.
Personally our lives are doing well and Ella is growing in to a fantastic little person who I am extremely proud of. All the new little things she tells me are so lovely to hear.
Another great pleasure is that my business is going from strength to strength and The Chic Country Home will also be joining the lovely Not On The High Street website in January 2008. I have been very lucky to have had some fantastic feedback from various people and customers and it really fills me with pleasure that I am doing something I really love.
We are planning on doing a lot to the house this year so I will have to get busy taking photographs to show you all how we get on.
My main aim for 2008 is to live in the moment and enjoy life!
I hope you have all had a happy relaxing Christmas and will have a great 2008. I'm also planning on doing shorter post more often so fingers crossed and I will be back soon.
Bye for now,