Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hi everyone sorry for such a long break since my last post...

Every week has just rolled into the next, I made a conscious effort to spend as much time in the garden instead of on the computer, mental note to take pictures.

We have also been busy planning the whole make over of our house. This has turned into a major thought provoker which has even included a break down of every room to do and an estimated time scale. Lets just say it is much less daunting when you actually write down everything that needs doing. I have even bought my self two books for that purpose, one for inspirational pictures and one for planning. The list of to do is huge but will be so worthwhile when finished. The current plan is the landing... this is a major job and sadly will take months to do due to the scale or work to be done, lets just say a three storey house with huge walls feels never ending. My strangest find so far was one wall near the attic room. My curiosity got the better of me the other day when I was feeling the wall ( yes I know I sound strange.. he he) The wall felt squishy, I was expecting to find plenty of layers of wall paper but no, that would of been to simple. Instead under the top layer of paper was this strange wood effect vinyl paper that was backed with polystyrene. What were they thinking when they did that? Another thing we constantly discover is that any previous owners did touch ups when decorating. That simply included covering over any random decorating disaster with yet another one. Needless to say we are having to strip everything back to the bones including most of the plaster work and start again, skimming most walls and that's just the start, don't let me get started on the artex on the walls to the attic room, boy are they are hideous. I will keep you all posted with how we are doing and try to take pictures.

In between all of that planning there has been some lovely days out with Ella and our friends, plus a nursery trip which was great fun :) yes I am still a kid as were the other mums who joined in with all the rides. Sadly though at the moment Ella is recovering from a horrid bought of gastritis flu, she has had it for over a week now and its been no fun at all, on the bright side the sun has been shinning so all of the extra washing has got dry.

I have also been busy a usual on the business front and thought I should include some pictures in my post, so here are a few of the new stock that has just been added to the website.

Finally I just want to say thank you so much to all you lovely people who left comments on Ella's room. It was so lovely to read each one and Ella has loved seeing her bedroom on the computer. It will be my first year blogging soon and I am planning a little give away but more on that later.

I will try and see everybody's blogs over the next few days, I bet you have all been very busy too.

Just found this product for getting rid of artex, it sounds fantastic!

Bye for now