Thursday, 12 July 2007

Vintage Finds

We managed to get to our local car boot on Sunday (not had a chance for weeks due to all the retched rain we are having at the moment.) I had a feeling that it could be a good one and it didn't disappoint! And the best bit was, that there were actually two on. I was so excited...

I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this basket, then five minutes later I came across some lovely old lace, and there down on the floor were these vintage cotton sheets and monogram pillowcase. Well I just had to snap those up. Next was this old watering can, I have been after one of these for a while.

I have a bit of a thing for collecting old glass jars, the vintage glass buttons were a great find too.

But best of all was this old sowing box from the second car boot. When I opened the lid I had to stop myself from squealing with delight. Inside were lots of sowing goodies, pretty vintage buttons, old wooden cotton reels and some nice metal pin tins. These were all hidden below a mass of old zips and little paper bags. When the man from the stall said £2.00 for the lot plus the box, well I just couldn't believe my luck, it had to be mine :) This is going to be another project to do up, I will show pics once finished.

Then to complement my sowing box I found this old needlecraft book. I cant believe what a great book it is, and the pictures are hysterical!!!

Well not these two obviously, but this...

This is the one that really made me giggle, unfortunately you cant really see her manic expression... lol

On a creative note I have actually been very busy, lots of unfinished projects though. I still haven't got around to adding the finishing touches to the birds show on my previous post but I have made two :). I have also started knitting Ella a lovely fairy, but have decided to continue this when on holiday. I promise I will get around to showing you all my unfinished projects, I'm not normally this erratic.

On a blogging note...

I have just been tagged by the lovely Sophie, so I'm now off to think of 8 random things about me, I don't think it will be too hard.

Bye for now


Saturday, 7 July 2007


I finally got around to finishing my bedroom today. We are really lucky to have a large bedroom. This still didn't stop me using poor Ella's room as our dressing room. Before Ella was born we bought huge fitted wardrobes for one entire length of her room. I don't know what I was thinking really, I've put it down to 'being pregnant' lol.

I love waking up to this view....

My French antique chairs are one of my favourite things, but unfortunately they are commonly used as a dumping ground for clothes.

Well this week has just flown by, it's been very busy yet very unproductive. I have now come to the conclusion that I need a new sowing machine (so I can make all those cushion covers for my day bed.) This is by far a simple task, I thought to myself.. right I want one that I can do embroidery with, plus it needs be able to over lock seams. I have so many ideas of things I want to create but my lovely old singer sowing machine is starting to protest. The last time I used it, it got completely stuck and I had to wait until Jeremy came home to fix it. If anyone can offer some advice of which model/brand to by it would be really appreciated. Not too expensive though. I thought I had found one the other day, only to discover the price £699.99, and this was one of the cheaper models, If I was going to pay that much I would want to be able to tell it what I needed to do, then leave it to get on and do it, ah if only.

You have probably noticed that I swap from one thing to another when I'm writing, I have come to realise that this is just the way my brain works. Jeremy is constantly amazed at the random things I come out with, I then have to explain my thought process and how it lead to the comment I made, to which I always get a puzzled look, I think it must be a female thing. If I say to Jeremy what are you thinking about, he will often say nothing, and he really does mean nothing. I cant imagine being able to sit and not have a list of to do, make, decorate etc going on. I often have my best creative spurts when I'm relaxing or just going to sleep. I hope I'm not the only one?

I have just started writing a new 'list', after much panic realising that we have only two weeks until we go on our family camping holiday. I have started the tedious task of writing down all the things we need. If the weather carries on as it is at the moment. We will need full water proofs and a blow up dingy, just in case we get washed away. The place that we got to in Norfolk is beautiful, Ella just loves it there and they have some beautiful beaches. The car boots are amazing too! just full of old linen, vintage pottery and unusual bits... I cant wait. Back to basics, I loved this kind of holiday as a child so was keen for Ella to experience it also ;)

Well I need to get back to my list now... x Faye

Sunday, 1 July 2007


I have spent today moving my bedroom around. I have been planning to do this for four plus weeks now, but for some reason today was the day. In my bedroom I have fitted in as many bits of furniture as possible, but had decided to add my vintage French day bed... I really really love it (hence the move around.) It had been in Ella's room for a while but now that we have redecorated her room, (it's now a little girls room not a nursery) there was unfortunately no room left (I will show you pictures of her room soon.)

Room planned, check! Furniture measured to ensure it fits, check! Willing partner to lift furniture, erm unchecked. Poor Jeremy had been on a night out with his work colleagues and didn't return home until 2.30am. Yesterday we had discussed that we were doing the room tomorrow and his famous last words were "I won't drink too much". Ha ha that didn't go to plan, hence him feeling very poorly today, and sporting a green tinge! I decided that I was going to have to get on and do the room on my own, while he sat downstairs with Ella, nursing his hangover.

Well after three hours, I had managed to move the furniture around, that was hard going but when I'm determined to do something there's no stopping me (after 13 years together Jeremy knows its better to just let me get on.) After dusting and cleaning all those places that get missed, I had got to my favourite part which was styling the room. That was when I thought ooh I can get all my cushion pads for the day bed. Please note these are packed away in the deepest hard to reach area of our attic bedroom aah. Whilst hunting through my boxes of pictures, books and stock, I found the box I was looking for and guess what? Inside was a selection of gorgeous goodies that I had squirreled away. Look what I found...


please excuse the lack or ironing, and

I'm so pleased with what I found, especially the Au Maison rosebud fleece (this is one of the things I had stocked), I had completely forgotten I had this. I just love the ceramic rose draw knobs too, but the best bit was the vintage linen, I love it! I had forgotten what I had collected.

Now back to the room. As I'd got side tracked after finding these things and sorting away all the mess I had created in the Attic room, I have yet to finish the bedroom. I need to make some/lots of cushion covers for the day bed. I have collected a variety of different shaped/sized pads over the years, but never got around to making the cushion covers as I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go with, erm I still cant. I will post you some picture of the room once finished :) Other than this our weekend has been very relaxed! Oh and its still raining constantly.