Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Making, doing and having lots of fun!

Well I'm feeling a bit better at last... yippee

I really do love blogging, and just wanted to say a big thank you everyone for all your lovely comments, they really did help loads :)

Now this one is a long post, so get comfy


I made this for my holiday, its made from Cabbages and Roses blue podge fabric. I never like carrying my normal purse around on holiday so I decided to make my own and I love it

I have finally got around to finishing my lavender birds for the website


I have been really busy this week focusing on the business, this always makes me feel better as I am then tackling all the things that have to be done, instead of constantly thinking about what needs doing. It really is never ending, plus three weeks holiday never help. So I have been very busy making way for the new stock and ordering yet more stock, this time from one of my favourite companies Maileg, I have a lovely selection of Maileg toys that I have kept for Ella for Christmas, which I know she will just love.

I have also been planning and re designing the business, I have decided to add a Handmade section to our website, I have been toying with the idea for quite a long time now, more to come on that front later.

We are going to turn our stock room into a 'real' room, after seeing so many bloggers lovely work rooms I decided on holiday that I want to do mine too. The stock room is simply full to breaking point, so I have decided to buy less larger items and make way for a sewing room, this currently happens in the dinning room which is not really a good thing as I constantly have to clear it all away. Plus Jeremy is in the process of doing more training (computer stuff) so will be using the computer a lot during the Autumn months, while he is busy typing away I will be busy making things for the business... well that's the plan.

Having lots of fun

I really wanted to share with you some of the fun things that we did on holiday, so here are a couple...

Kite flying, I can never remember it being so difficult, we decided after a few goes, make that 20 goes with the kite pictured below that we would just have to buy a normal kite from a shop, shame really as we had a great time colouring it in with Ella, but as you will see by the second picture she became a little pro...

Shopping in Holt was great fun, there is a fantastic antique shop there that is filled to the brim with lovely stuff.

I was very good though and only bought this vintage cardigan.. its made from cashmere which I adore.

Then I found these lovely Crocs, perfect for the beach

and then on the way home we stopped at a gorgeous little tea shop that makes the most delicious cakes, so we sat in the sun and had afternoon tea which was lovely.

I want some cake

Now 8 random things about me (I was tagged by the lovely Sophie before the Holiday but never had chance to write them.)

Well here goes...

1\ I absolutely adore French interiors, I could happily spend hours looking at my favourite French interior books and blogs. The funny thing is I have never even been there. But I will go one day.

2\ If I find an item of clothing that I love the cut of and it fits really well I will often buy two of them or buy it in every colour I like, it wasn't until I looked in my wardrobe while packing away my holiday clothes that I noticed how much I do it.

3\This one is strange... Every time I see an animal that has been killed on the road, any road that is, I will say 'ah poor rabbit, bird etc rest in peace'. This is something that I do under my breath and have done ever since I was a child. I only just admitted this to Jeremy to which his response was a strange stare, yep you must be thinking the same as him lol.

4\I have yet to marry the love of my life Jeremy. We did start planning it before Ella was born then once I knew I was pregnant we put it off. And the funny thing was that when I was in my early twenties I didn't want to be married (even though I have been with Jeremy since I was 17.) or have children until I was in my mid thirties, I was 27 when I had Ella. Oh and I am 30 now.

5\I absolutely love my childhood fantasy films, let me watch Labyrinth , Legend or Never ending story and I'm a happy girl. Ella actually watched Never ending story with me a few months ago and loved it:)

6\ I have had lactose intolerance since I was a baby, basically I can only consume a small quantity of milk each day. Fortunately I hate it, even the smell makes me feel sick. Having this when I was young was not much fun though, any chocolate would make me really ill. That is why I have an addiction to sweets. Now that Im an adult I know what I can get away with.. such as the chocolate cake above in small quantities.

Am I boring you yet?

7\ I love Monsoon clothes for my daughter, I just love dressing her in traditional little girls clothes, she is often complimented on her clothes and her politeness... something I am very proud of, please and thank you are always nice to hear.

8\ I have never been abroad, I was always brought up with family holidays to Norfolk, so have never been that bothered about it. We want to get married in Italy in a few years and have a holiday in the Maldives, not sure how that one will work, but I have too much on to even think about it at the moment though.



Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Glad you're feeling brighter Faye, a new project is always good to lift your spirits. Lucky you to be able to create a workroom, you'll have a lot of fun in that! I like the things you've made. One day when money is less tight I'll treat myself to some hand-made things from other bloggers...I keep seeing things I want but can't have right now!
I love French style too, I've been there for one holiday but would love to return. But I love holidaying in the UK, it's just so easy, best of all no airports. This country has so much to offer, people forget how beautiful it is when they're tempted by cheap package holidays abroad.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Love your birds Faye, and I enjoyed your 8 facts! By the way, I do exactly the same thing as your no 2 on the list (regarding dead animals ect!)
Have a lovely weekend! x

Claire said...

Hi Faye

The birds are lovely - simple and pretty. Good to also hear someone else likes the kind of films I do - when I sit crying through Never Ending story everyone think everyone is kind of embarassed or wonder what the hell is up! Really envious of the workroom - I miss having the space to have a sewing room like we did in the last house - you saw the state of the room I have. Talk about stifling!
With the fact no 2, I say "god go with you" when I see an emergency vehicle - have done for years, even though I am no longer particularly religious. Crackers eh?

See you soon xoxo

OhSoVintage said...

Love the cardi! I often buy more than one item, but in a different colour, that I like too. I also enjoy French interiors and bought 10 French homes magazines recently at a car boot. i sit drooling over them! I'm going to France next month for 10 days and hope to do some buying.