Sunday, 12 August 2007

Feeling a little blue


I'm back at last from a truly relaxing three week holiday, camping in the beautiful village of West Runton in Norfolk. We have been so lucky to of had the best weather possible, it only rained on one day. The problem is I don't want to be home!!!... We have all grown accustom to the pleasures a holiday brings. I'm longing for real fresh air, lush green fields, the sea, wildlife and no clutter. I cant believe how relaxing this holiday has been for us all. Ella has loved every second of it and has already asked to go to the beach. In fact we were so loathed to leave that when we finished packing the tent away ( Oh my god I cant believe how much I bought, but more on that later.) We decided to head for the beach for one last afternoon of escapism. Now I hope its not just me who feels like this when they return from holiday, but since I have come home all I want to do is de clutter and organise. I loved the simplicity that came from camping, washing pots only once a day, very little tidying to be done and the most important... freedom of the outdoors. I am longing for the sea and the countryside. I don't like living in a town at the moment. I'm having to stop myself from going a little crazy.. I have a mad urge to throw away anything I don't really like including furniture, clothes and well pretty much anything. I have never experienced this before so I'm a little shocked by how I feel. I normally love coming home to all our creature comforts but something has changed. I suppose it has a little to do with the fact that my fantastic mum and dad will be moving to live in Norfolk next year but sadly there is no chance that we can move too (work etc all the usual boring stuff.) The other thing that is really bothering me is the fact that we don't have a garden only a courtyard. It is very pretty and we have filled it with all our favourite things but there simply just isn't room for Ella to play properly let alone have a swing etc or a vegetable patch. Playing outside is one thing that Ella loved the most, she was like a different little girl, here she is discovering the joys of a space hopper for the first time... pure pleasure!

Sorry this post is not on a lighter note but I really thought I should do one, plus I'm hoping by writing down how I feel it may help me to move on and get a little more positive. Bye for now, lets hope I will be back to my normal self soon... ha I know its bad because I didn't want to go to the car boot today. Now back to de cluttering.


Oh just remembered I will need to add 8 random things about me... sorry they will have to come another day:)


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Faye,
oh your holiday sounds wonderful. I love Norfolk, I'd like to live there or Suffolk but no chance for me either. I know how you're feeling. I returned from Cornwall a couple of weeks ago, and felt very down for a week or so. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to be back on the beach! I don't have much of a garden either. A not very pretty back yard (couldn't even call it a courtyard!), north facing so it doesn't get the sun after 11am, and a bit of a front garden (but who wants to sit out on show to the world?)
But I can't do anything about it yet...we may consider moving in a few years but I can't let it get me down every summer until then. So I try and get out in the sunshine whenever I can; Sunday Car Boot Sales are a great way to get out in the fresh air. I try and plan some nice days out so that I feel I've made the most of the fine weather. Ella will remember the good times from her childhood, she won't be worrying about the fact you don't have a large garden. And think of all the lovely holidays you can have in Norfolk with your Mum and Dad!
You'll feel better soon I'm sure. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
Gill x

Claire said...

Hi Faye

I know exactly what you mean - we had 2 weeks in a fisherman's cottage in Cromer and I truly relaxed (which for me meant sitting embroidering on the beach). I would quite happily up sticks in a second to somewhere more rural and with a slower pace of life. You will find your routine again soon and try and find time to make things/ do things related to your holiday. like steeing out your holiday finds. Or retail therapy - that works for me!

Curlew Country said...

I really understand how you feel Faye. Coming back from Port Isaac in Cornwall recently had just the same effect on me. I'm lucky that we're moving out of town but there's a long way to go yet and I've been in your postiion for a while. Its hard when you have litel ones. I've found having a realy good clear out really did help and I enjoyed deciding what I like and value. When I feel cooped up we plan trips out (sure you do too) to the woods for woodland forages, fishing in streams etc. The weather will be closing in before long (sorry that's bad to point out but I loooove the autumn!) so you can bring the countryside indoors and enjoy it in the warmth! Ella looks like such a happy little girl. Holidays are wonderful but can be hard to leave behind - I'd throw myslef into planning your next trip to Norfolk! Hope you feel brighter soon.

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Faye. I have just the thing to cheer you up!! Your little birds will be flying over to you starting tomorrow!! Your pictures are beautiful, as is your little one! Glad your home, your blogging friends will cheer you up! I have missed your emails! So write me when you get a chance. Your friend, Laurie

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Faye-welcome back! Sounds and looks like a beautiful holiday, no wonder you didn't want to come back! Hope you are feeling more settled again now xx

jessica daisy said...

Hi Faye, looks like you had a wonderful time away, I was starting to wonder where you had got to! I hope a good clear out makes you feel a bit better, it always does for me! In the meantime, pop over to my blog, as I have a surprise for you!!

Rubyred said...

Hi Faye,just came across your blog and it's lovely!Sounds like you had a lovely holiday and I'm sure you'll get back in the swing of things soon!

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