Thursday, 14 February 2008




Look what my gorgeous man made for me... heart shaped toast and a yummy hot chocolate. Plus my favourite chocolates and flowers.. thank you Jeremy it's these little things you do that make me love you so much x x x

Sadly we are all ill at our house with a terrible cold, typical when the house is filled with lots of new stock and a huge to do list for the business, as always things never go to plan but at least we can all snuggle up on the sofa, relax and eat some delicious chocolates :)

x x x With love to you all x x x



Vanessa said...

Everyones husbands are so romantic compared to mine, I did not even manage to get a card. In his defence we normally celebrate the 18th Feb as that's when we 1st met.

I hope you are feeling better!

julia said...

Hope you're all feeling better, the chocolate must have helped!
Julia x

Claire said...

Hope that you had a loevly birthday Faye xxx

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Heart shaped toast- that is so sweet! You have a lovely blog! I will visit often!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hey it's quality that counts not quantity, great blog !!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow :o) So beautiful. That hot chocolate looks scrumptious!!!!! xox

harada57 said...
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