Sunday, 20 January 2008

I'm currently suffering from a bad back... I think I may of pulled a band of muscles in my lower back on Wednesday and unfortunately it just isn't doing very well. One positive outcome of this is that we have now been and bought a lovely new mattress (our current one is seriously bad and we have been on about getting one for ages). So fingers crossed I will be back to normal and feeling fit again by my next post.



Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Poor you, having a bad back is not fun. Hope you feel better soon, another positive thing is you'll need to have regular rests and what better way to do that than browse all your favourite blogs :)

Jasminé said...

Howdy Faye
Thanks for the comment on my blog..I hope you feel better soon - the new mattress is good timing..
Get yourself a cuppa tea and some good Interiors magazines & lie down and relax.
Take care.

prettyshabby said...

hi Faye...thanks for your message! you're right it is a male thing, "hoovering" is considered cleaning the whole house by the men in mine! I do hope your back gets better soon..not a nice thing to suffer have my sympathy!

Claire said...

I slipped a disc in my lower back about 4 years ago and I would not wish that pain on anyone, so you have my sympathy for that - I suggest plenty of rest, lots of nice drinks and some embroidery therapy - not moving your arms too much you see, with a cushion to support your back. And some nice fruit.

Take care chick x

Poppy Black said...

Best wishes! Sore backs are horrible. The new mattress should help. I love the hyacinths. XX

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Faye I hope your back recovers quickly, I am sure it will with nice new mattress to relax on.
I love hyacinths too.
Carol xx

julia said...

Hope you'll be back to full strength soon.
Love the hyacinths!
Julia x