Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy Easter

Hi everyone, just a short post to say hello and thank you for all your lovely messages. I have loads to show you but need to take pictures first.

Business is hectic as usual oh and I have dislocated my little toe... not a nice thing, toes just shouldn't bend that way. I will spare you the details but will just add... an adult chasing kids around a soft play land is never a good thing especially when you cant wear your shoes, equating to yet more rest and time from the gym :(

Hope you will all have a lovely Easter break... we have lots of fun planned. Fingers crossed that the weather is lovely and I'm keeping my fingers double crossed that our local car boot will be starting up again this weekend.



Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Faye, hope your toe feels better soon. I am on day 5 of being bed bound (back problems) and quietly going insane with boredom!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Faye - Hope you have a really good Easter - like you I am hoping to car boot this Easter - It definitely starts up this Sunday so I've got my pennies at the ready! Looking forward to catching up with all you have been up to - Natalie x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Faye and a happy Easter to you an your family too.
I hope the toe is not too painfull and you are better soon.
Take care,
Carol xx

Claire said...

Hope that the toe improves soon chick - blasted Health and Safety - never actually helps the worker eh?
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, it's appreciated x Have a lovely Easter and I look forward to seeing your car boot goodies xx

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Happy Easter to you too! hope your toe is less painful soon. I think there are a lot of bloggers chomping at the bit, ready to dash to those boot sales this weekend! It's going to be blooming cold so we'll have to wrap up warm! Good luck with your bargain hunting.

julia said...

Rest that toe, I think copious amounts of tea and a few housey mags are in order!
Julia x

Vanessa said...

Oh your picture got me all excited! Really glad that your keeping really busy, sorry that the toe will not of made it any easier!

I hope your having a good Easter break!

prettyshabby said...

ouch! toes bending the wrong way...that made my knees go funny when I read that! hope it sorts itself out..have a great Easter..I just love those faux crocus in pots you sell, I think I will be needing one of those!
Sairer x

harada57 said...
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