Friday, 28 March 2008

Easter + Snow = Fun!

Well not the Easter we were expecting but great fun anyway.

It started with a fantastic Easter egg hunt at Rufford park, where it was rather bleak to say the least, but after a few hours running around with the kids in the new play area then lunch in the Cafe we were all warm and excitedly running around while it was trying to snow (I revert to a child when it snows I'm afraid), with my toe on the mend (make that strapped up), we were sure the icy cold weather would not stop us all from having fun. My great friend Linda is just like me so we all had a fantastic time running around playing tig with the kids... ah the excitement every time it tried to snow :)(only had phone camera and the pictures were rather blurred to say the least).

When we awoke on Sunday, I sleepily thought that it was a sunny day which would equate to my eagerly awaited car boot. But it just wasn't meant to be. When I looked out the window I was strangely rather shocked to see snow on the ground with yet more still falling. By the time we managed to get out (half an hour) the show had turned to rain and any snow that was on the ground was fast disappearing. As Ella has hardly see snow let alone had chance to get out and play with it, we made the most of what we could find... I was amazed at how much we managed to rescue from the car he he, and look we still made our own little snow man. We did however go straight up to my mums house where there is always more snow. Jeremy was rather shocked to see the fields full of snow ready for fun, after a huge snowman... made by Jeremy, a couple of snow Angles from Ella and lots of running around the field we went for a lovely walk. It is amazing how when something is rare you really do appreciate and enjoy it. By tea time there was no evidence that we had had any snow at all (all the pictures were taken on my old camera as the battery had run out on the digital one...typical).

So as a result of our snow crazed expeditions lots of yummy choc was eaten and cuddles on the sofa. Sadly no new treasures were found only memories of a great Easter which I feel were a thousand times better. My aim for this year was to get out more and have more fun, and so far I am doing really well on that front :)

I hope your Easter was just as fun filled!



Poppy Black said...

That sounded like a wonderful Easter! We get just as excited if it snows here. I love watching it drifting down, hoping like mad that it will settle long enough for a play.

Claire said...

Sounds like fun - I let the cats out and they barely registered that the ground was wet and cold, then got distracted watching the frogs in the pond... I have a couple of things for you and Ella (made Ella a little something for her birthday her being a fellow April fools day child..) and I've slipped something in there for you, as I missed yours by miles. Hopefully you'll get in on Tuesday, if not, sorry!

Vanessa said...

The snow did disapear far roo quickly. We were going out to a party on Sunday, so my little dear did not even get the chance to play in the snow!

I bet you had lots of fun at Rufford!

Katherines Dream said...

Good on should definately have more fun...we all should. I am going to make that my main aim this and more fun. Love the Snowman...our snow did not settle long enough for a snowman.
Carol x

prettyshabby said...

yay snow! dont you just love it, glad you had a great easter sounds like you had loads of fun..the car boot can wait til next time..they'll be double the goodies then!

Miss sew n sew said...

Thanks for visiting my blog just had a nose in your online shop wow it's lovely I love everything in it my kind of shop! Your Easter sounds like fun a lovely little snowman!