Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Ella would like to invite you all, to take a little peak at her...
Magical Princess Bedroom
I thought it was about time that I actually showed you pictures of Ella's Bedroom. We redecorated it last year, changing it from a nursery to a little girls room.
Every space is used, even behind the door!

The room is a rather awkward shape which is dominated by our huge fitted wardrobes (you may of read it an earlier post that I bought them when I was pregnant, silly me). Thin and tall... limited light and high ceilings.

I had a fantastic time designing the room, ensuring that every space served a purpose yet was appealing to the eye. I still remember Jeremy's face when I showed him the drawings of what I wanted to do with the room. A look of horror at the grand scale of work I had planned for him... I have the creative vision he has the creative talent.
We even made the corona so that I could drape curtains around her bed.
One of my jobs was to make the curtains and the lamp shade.

After not finding a shelf that was suitable I decided to design this one... I even drew the plans out free hand, Jeremy was impressed by that bit hehe. I'm planning to have another one made for the bathroom too. Plus a little bedside table with a shelf for her favourite books.

I designed the bookshelf (pictured below) to maximise the use of wall space. We needed to create lots of storage for all the special little things we had collected when she was a baby, plus all the new things she was getting... hence perfect space for dolls house and her little books.

The storage boxes are perfect for storing her toys. Push along dog has his pride of place.. he is a perfect seat when siting and playing with said dolls house.

Vintage pram and crib in the background, yet another fantastic find from a car boot.

This was my latest revamp... one wooden cooker + 4 hours with a few tins of F & B (Farrow and Ball) paint = pretty pink cooker, much more desirable. It was even met with a squeal of excitement from Ella :)

We just love playing in her bedroom, which was happening whilst taking the pictures... hence things moving from one space to another.

I adore these pictures, they provided great inspiration for Ella's room. Yet another vintage find with a little help from F & B.

The funny thing is that her room was finished last year, yet I have never got around to taking pictures. It made me realise how fantastic blogging is for encouraging you to capture the moment. I'm planning to show you lots more pictures as we continue to decorate the house. Hopefully the sun will be shinning on those days :)

I hope you enjoyed Ella's little tour, she will be very impressed to see her room on the computer!

Bye for now

xFaye and Ella

P.S. The magical part is how the room always manages to stay rather tidy... plus a fairy sneaks in every night to set up a different activity to play with in the morning :)


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness, Ella's room is sooo sweet. It is so nice to see your sweet Ella!! Your blog is delightful!! My birdies are still doing quite well. They were featured in Somerset Life magazine...FOUR PAGES!! There is a picture of the pages on my blog somewhere. Thanks for writing!! Take care friend!

Katherines Dream said...

Oh Faye, her room is so beautiful I have so enjoyed looking at it.
I have just posted my daughters 'new baby' nursery this morning...isn't that funny. I cannot wait for Katie to able able to add all the nice little touches that finish a room...the pink bits!
I love your style and so would Kate.
A very lucky Ella she is.

Rosie Daydream said...

Hi there!

How lovely! It looks like the perfect dream bedroom. Teresa x

Vanessa said...

I loved doing my little dears room as every thing was pink and girly, very unlike the rest of the house! My husband has to ask permission to enter the girlyness!

julia said...

What a gorgeous room, lucky Ella! Can you point the fairy in out direction please!
Julia x

julia said...

sorry, meant our not out!!
Julia x

Claire said...

I can see you had fun on that room Faye! No wonder she loves her bedroom when she goes to sleep in a room like that - I need you to come round and work your magic on mine now! Is that the Pointy Kitty I made her last year I see on the shelf? x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a lovely room, if I had my time again that's how I'd decorate my daughter's room...just have to wait for Grandchildren now, maybe I can create a vintage style room for them at Grandma's house!

juanitatortilla said...

What a lovely blog to visit on this Thursday morning :)

Curlew Country said...

A complete dream of a bedroom! I wish I'd been as lucky as a little gril, think I'm still traumatised by the lurid orange, 70s print we had, yeeegh!
She'll have such wonderful memories of this room that her mummy and daddy worked so hard to create, when she's all grown-up . My boys both have sailing botas in their rooms so plenty of red and blue gingham. Sometimes I yearn for the the gentleness of pastels!
You've done a smashing job Faye, just beautiful.

Jasminé said...

Hi I'm Jasmine, from Ireland
You have a lovely blog
I love your little girl's room,especially the pink cooker, the bunting and the dolls house
All very pretty!

twiggypeasticks said...

What a beautiful room, well done.

prettyshabby said...

I would have loved to have been able to create a girlie room from scratch but alas I had boys and had to make do with cowboys!..Ellas room is beautiful, I love all the storage ideas and the pretty little bits and pieces..gorgeous!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Faye, Ella's room is absolutely beautiful - I have just decorated my little girls room and I keep nipping in there to tidy it up - I can't wait to see photos of the rest of your house - Natalie x

Pretty Practicals said...

Oh so cute! You've made it look beautiful... I bet she loves it.
Liz xx

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

This is so adorable. Love every nook and cranny!!!!

Heidi Ann said...

Dear Faye, Absolutely love your little Ella's room! You have done an amazing job! So enjoy seeing all your personal touches! Happy decorating!...heidi :)

Rubyred said...

What a gorgeous bedroom,very pretty!Ella is a lucky girl and I love her collection of handbags.Could you send the fairy to my house please.
Rachel x

jessica daisy said...

Ella's bedroom is so cute, I bet you had lots of fun decorating it! My Ella's room has lots of bunting too.

Gillian L. said...

That is one beautiful little girls bedroom. A magical place for a child to play dress-up and have tea parties. Lovely!


Ragged Roses said...

My goodness Please send that fairy over here to do some tidying up! Ella has such a beautiful room, you must be very pleased with it

Katherines Dream said...

Dear Faye, just popped in to say hello.
Where are you? I have missed your posts.

Malphi said...

Oh I love the picture of the bears...it's got my mind ticking about creative things now. Just found your blog...love the style. I make Rustic Chic style aprons etc. Great styles think alike!

Raquel said...

What a lovely room! I like this very much, but with my 3 boys I can only dream about this!
Yes, and I like your blog very much!