Monday, 27 October 2008

I am still here... well only just!

That is if you look very closely under hoards of stock, cardboard and bubble wrap. Business is VERY busy, stock is piratically flying out, our feature in the not on the high street Christmas catalogue is fantastic and very productive. I felt very proud when I received the catalogue :)

The business room is finished and thankfully it happened just in time. It works a treat and is so organised, in fact as I am spending so much time in it it's a good job really. No time for pictures I'm afraid. The room is a real pleasure to work in and is exactly how I planned... which made me very happy, the control freak that I am hehe.

I have decided I want lots of books to read over the Christmas holiday break, I came across this one via Amazon. I had it pre ordered and have been very good and not read it yet. I wanted to add it to my post to just inform anyone who is interested in it that The Book People are selling it for £4.99, I have already bought another copy for my mum from them, plus another lovely book Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer.

Ceramic dove

We have also launched our Christmas collection early this year, there is still more coming and lots of lovely new stock to add to the website (that is when I get a spare hour or two).

Ella loved making these paper chains up.

Thank you again for your lovely comments on my previous post, no news on the moving front but with the current climate we are not surprised.

Hopefully I will have chance to resume normal blogging in the new year but sadly it will carry on being rather sporadic in the run up to Christmas.

P.S We have a free UK postage offer on at the moment, but it end this Friday.

Bye for now.



Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Friend!!! I have missed talking to you. Glad you are doing well! Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

Faye, I'll have to make you one, the nest just sold. I'll be in touch. Laurie

Vanessa said...

Hi Faye,

Thanks for the tip of with the Book People, just placed my order for CK's book + many others!

Glad business is really good for you at the moment, I've been considering NOTHS so would love any tips & advice you could give me!

Would love to see some pictures of your work room.

Vanessa x

Claire said...

I agree with Vanessa, show us your workroom! I saw you in the NOTHS catalogue - I prodded David and made him look saying "I know her!!!"

Take care chick x

Millas hem said...

I was here!

Ziakoko said...

not sure if my bookshelf can hold anything more! well done with your Noths sucess, Regards Zia

Vanessa said...

There's something on my blog for you! I know your really busy at the moment so don't feel you have to blog about it, I just thought you deserved it!

Vanessa x

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Faye, I hope you are doing well. I would like to talk to you about doing some birdie pincushions for your business. Please email me. Laurie