Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I just had to show you all these...

I Love Mushrooms!

I discovered these items back in September (that feels like it was a long time ago now) and have been patiently waiting until they were available to buy. You can imagine my excitement when they were in stock and my order arrived the next day :)


I can't decide which one I love most so will have to keep one of each :)

They will all be available to buy on the website from next week, that is when I have some time to add them.

My lovely white business room resembles a cardboard house at the moment. Full to the brim with stock and orders waiting to go out. So still no pictures for you all. I have my eye on a few bits to finish it off but who knows when I will get the time.

Any spare moments I can grab are being spent with my little girl, she will start full time school in January and I'm going to miss her terribly, but I know she is ready to go, it's lovely to see what a social little butterfly she is growing into and she just loves school.

I have decided to start a book now of ideas of all the things I want to do with her before Christmas and that includes lots of creative stuff. She is a very creative little thing who is desperate to be able to knit and sow like her mummy. She is for ever making clothes for her dolls from scrap pieces of paper, balloons or plastic, I'm trying to think of a little creative kit I could make for her. We have tried fabric but she gets disappointed when she is unable to manipulate it. Maybe felt would be a good idea... any suggestions would be of great help!

Bye for now ;)



Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Faye
What lovely mushrooms so sweet glad business is good for you can't wait to see your new business room! I've been making white pom pom christmas decorations with Emily and decorated them with red dots with a fabric paint pen then added a red gingham ribbon she's really enjoyed doing them another idea is making christmas biscuits for the tree.

Deb said...

those little mushrooms are adorable Faye. Have lots of fun with your little girl - they grow up so fast. I taught my daughter how to knit too and anything with felt is always fun. Cutting out easy shapes and gluing on buttons and ribbons and sequins to make Christmas ornaments :-)

prettyshabby said...

oooh I'm in love with those..I think I will have to be saving my pennies up!

Ziakoko said...

What fun fungi! we love mushrooms too.... nothing more magical!

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Faye, those mushrooms are sooo cute! Hope all is well, best wishes, Liz

Charmingdesigns said...

Those are sooo cute!! Have a merry christmas yourself!! Laurie

gingerwine said...

oooo the mushrooms....i LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest mushrooms ever!!