Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Joules and Christmas

It's no good, I have spent the majority of September planning and organising our Christmas range, but this has then rubbed off onto me, I have now purchased most of my families Christmas gifts, and now have my eye on what I would really like.

The books shown on my previous post are, of course on my list, but now I have found yet more delightful things to feast my eyes on, and yes I am becoming slightly obsessed with them.

Joules... I just LOVE their clothes, the quality and attention to detail is gorgeous, but alas when they joined forces with Boots to create their own gift range, I squealed for joy! And guess what, their toiletries are just as amazing as the clothes. In fact, as I was lucky to have received quite a lot of Joules toiletries for Christmas last year, I have used little else, and I would defiantly recommend them 100% (my skin was so soft and smelt gorgeous in the run up to my wedding, thanks to my regular relaxing baths with their products). So as I have now practically ran out, I decided that it must be time I hunted on the Boots website to see if they have a range available again this year and...

Yes they do! Not only do they have the gorgeous body ranges, but look Baking heaven too. Just look at all of these goodies :)

Joules Brilliant Baking Hamper

This Hamper has now been put at the top of my list.
Oh decisions, decisions... I just love how pretty they all are!

What do you think? Do you have your eye on a special treat for Christmas?

I will show you soon, some of the lovely new stock we have, I have also been busy sorting the new Christmas stock, so will give you a sneaky peak of that before it is added to the website.



Linda said...

Joules, do,do 'it' very well and very beautifully.

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