Sunday, 1 July 2007


I have spent today moving my bedroom around. I have been planning to do this for four plus weeks now, but for some reason today was the day. In my bedroom I have fitted in as many bits of furniture as possible, but had decided to add my vintage French day bed... I really really love it (hence the move around.) It had been in Ella's room for a while but now that we have redecorated her room, (it's now a little girls room not a nursery) there was unfortunately no room left (I will show you pictures of her room soon.)

Room planned, check! Furniture measured to ensure it fits, check! Willing partner to lift furniture, erm unchecked. Poor Jeremy had been on a night out with his work colleagues and didn't return home until 2.30am. Yesterday we had discussed that we were doing the room tomorrow and his famous last words were "I won't drink too much". Ha ha that didn't go to plan, hence him feeling very poorly today, and sporting a green tinge! I decided that I was going to have to get on and do the room on my own, while he sat downstairs with Ella, nursing his hangover.

Well after three hours, I had managed to move the furniture around, that was hard going but when I'm determined to do something there's no stopping me (after 13 years together Jeremy knows its better to just let me get on.) After dusting and cleaning all those places that get missed, I had got to my favourite part which was styling the room. That was when I thought ooh I can get all my cushion pads for the day bed. Please note these are packed away in the deepest hard to reach area of our attic bedroom aah. Whilst hunting through my boxes of pictures, books and stock, I found the box I was looking for and guess what? Inside was a selection of gorgeous goodies that I had squirreled away. Look what I found...


please excuse the lack or ironing, and

I'm so pleased with what I found, especially the Au Maison rosebud fleece (this is one of the things I had stocked), I had completely forgotten I had this. I just love the ceramic rose draw knobs too, but the best bit was the vintage linen, I love it! I had forgotten what I had collected.

Now back to the room. As I'd got side tracked after finding these things and sorting away all the mess I had created in the Attic room, I have yet to finish the bedroom. I need to make some/lots of cushion covers for the day bed. I have collected a variety of different shaped/sized pads over the years, but never got around to making the cushion covers as I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go with, erm I still cant. I will post you some picture of the room once finished :) Other than this our weekend has been very relaxed! Oh and its still raining constantly.


jessica daisy said...

Look at all the gorgeous stuff you found! I bought a similar fleece to the rose one you've got, for my daughter Ella a couple of years ago, It's so cute and cosy, and I wish I'd got two, but I bought it in camden, and I haven't seen them since. I shall have to do a search for Au Masion and see what I come up with!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love all the treasures you found!! I especially love the linens too. Make sure to show us pictures when you are done!

Doesn't it feel so great when you move your room around and clean under everything... when you are done the room feels sparkly clean!


Tracy said...

oh - just found your blog - so pretty - and a fellow web shop owner!
will be back soon x
tracy x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh I love the treasures you re-found! Can't wait to see photos of your finished bedroom!

julia said...

How come the things I've found that I've forgotten about are always junk?? Gorgeous stuff, looking forward to seeing the finished room!

Julia x