Thursday, 12 July 2007

Vintage Finds

We managed to get to our local car boot on Sunday (not had a chance for weeks due to all the retched rain we are having at the moment.) I had a feeling that it could be a good one and it didn't disappoint! And the best bit was, that there were actually two on. I was so excited...

I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this basket, then five minutes later I came across some lovely old lace, and there down on the floor were these vintage cotton sheets and monogram pillowcase. Well I just had to snap those up. Next was this old watering can, I have been after one of these for a while.

I have a bit of a thing for collecting old glass jars, the vintage glass buttons were a great find too.

But best of all was this old sowing box from the second car boot. When I opened the lid I had to stop myself from squealing with delight. Inside were lots of sowing goodies, pretty vintage buttons, old wooden cotton reels and some nice metal pin tins. These were all hidden below a mass of old zips and little paper bags. When the man from the stall said £2.00 for the lot plus the box, well I just couldn't believe my luck, it had to be mine :) This is going to be another project to do up, I will show pics once finished.

Then to complement my sowing box I found this old needlecraft book. I cant believe what a great book it is, and the pictures are hysterical!!!

Well not these two obviously, but this...

This is the one that really made me giggle, unfortunately you cant really see her manic expression... lol

On a creative note I have actually been very busy, lots of unfinished projects though. I still haven't got around to adding the finishing touches to the birds show on my previous post but I have made two :). I have also started knitting Ella a lovely fairy, but have decided to continue this when on holiday. I promise I will get around to showing you all my unfinished projects, I'm not normally this erratic.

On a blogging note...

I have just been tagged by the lovely Sophie, so I'm now off to think of 8 random things about me, I don't think it will be too hard.

Bye for now



Lizzie said...

First time visiting your blog-

I love the way you decorate, and that jar of buttons is gorgeous! Will you store them in the jar? It makes for such a nice eye candy display, doesn't it?

Your finds were wonderful- congrats!

jessica daisy said...

You lucky, lucky thing, I love the glass jar especially, and sewing box was a bargain! don't you just love it when your eyeing something up and they tell you that they only want a pound or two for it! I have to hide my complete and utter joy, incase they put the price up!
By the way the reason that we are having the same wallpaper in our bedrooms, is because we both have impeccable taste!

buttercup & roses said...

What lovely finds...
I went to a bootsale on Sunday too, I wish I had found that sewing tin,.. Lucky you!


sarah said...

Hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, what lovely finds you got at your car boot! Im going to spend some time reading your lovely blog now .Sarah x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Great post, wow you found some real treasures, I especially love the watering can. I'm after one too and could kick myself because I saw one at a boot sale a couple of months ago and Didn't.Buy.It. Was I mad? I didn't appreciate the beauty of a watering can at that point is all I can say! I love sewing boxes too, something about all the bits and pieces inside is very pleasing.

Vintage Amethyst said...

You found some pretty finds.
I want one of those watering cans too!
Alison x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

The book is hysterical-that granny!!! I keep on looking at her!

Shropshire Girl said...

What gorgeous finds - well done. I haven't been to a car boot for a while now, they have been cancelled due to the weather. It is so hard to keep a straight face when someone says - 'oh give me a pound' and you are jumping up and down inside.
Love your blog!

a pink-bee said...

My first time finding your blog too:) Love the finds from the boot sale.

Claire said...

Seeing your blog the other week has finally convinced me that I need to start my own, and so I have. Your blog is very "you" if you know what I mean. Can imagine you talking everyone through your finds, which is great.

Come and see me sometime (Pinky and Boo)

Claire x