Thursday, 3 January 2008

Decorating.. yes please
Well the Christmas decorations have now been taken down and the house feels rather bare but this is good. I cant wait to get started on projects for the home. The first one will be the bathroom... currently it is in a severe state, back in October we started... erm make that Jeremy started to rip out the old bathroom suite but sadly after ripping the whole shower unit out and hacking nearly all the horrid tiles from the walls he discovered that a lot more work was in store. Some lovely person had decided to put cork tiles all over the wall under the tiles, now this may of been a good idea at some time but not for us. Well to cut a long story short we decided to wait until the new year to tackle the project again, Fortunately I have the best bit designing it :) Currently we have decided to tong and groove the bottom half all the way around, then plaster the top part. We are just having a hard time choosing which Farrow and Ball paint colour to choose, we have tried over six tester pots but none are quite right so the hunt will go on. Other than that we have the bathroom suite, taps shower well the list goes on... all waiting in the dinning room, this also means that once they have gone and the bathroom is done I can re decorate the Dinning room... this bit I am really excited about (Jeremy doesn't know that bit yet though..he he).

This is one of my Christmas presents! A Cath Kidston Handbag... I love it, and its the perfect size too, well a girl can never have too many bags.

Sadly the light is too poor to take a picture so I used the Cath Kidston one.

I am currently in the process of going through all my interior magazines and ripping out ideas/styles to inspire... I hope it's not just me but does any body keep every copy of every magazine, well new year and new start so I have organised them all and I'm currently in the process of ripping them up then recycling the bits I don't want.

Has any one else started planning to re decorate?

Bye for now, I'm off to sort yet more magazines.


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

We're in the middle of decorating the kitchen, Husband re-tiled half way back in October, he's got a burst of energy and should finish it off this weekend. Then it's down to me to paint the walls, I've never used F&B before but it's mentioned all the time in my interior mags so I'm splashing out, just got to get the colour right....isn't it difficult to decide?! I keep my mags for a while then tear out all the pictures I want to keep,I'll try and find time to start an inspiration book this year and stick in my favourite pics in some sort of order.Good luck with the bathroom.

jessica daisy said...

Happy new year! I love your new bag, and how exciting to be designing and re-decorating, unfortunately most of my rooms have been done, or just need the finishing touches, but there's always room for a new cushion or two.
I'm not sure what colours you like, or have tried, but I just recently painted a cupboard in my living room in F&B Pale Powder, which looks lovely, and everyone comments on the colour, but then again I'm a bit obsessed with blue and all it's hues.
Looking froward to seeing the results,