Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yeah the sun was shinning

We knew it was going to be a lovely day as soon as we woke up, and other than feeling a little cold we all had a lovely time.

One of the fun things at Rufford park is the forge you have to go through to get to one of the entrances.... Well when we saw the ROAD CLOSED sign we were not put off and went around the long way. Normally when we go to Rufford park with our friends, one of the fun things to do in summer is to drive through the forge and splash the water as high as possible.. much to the delight of the children watching, its like a family attraction. Well that day the road was well and truly out of action and oh oh boy was I glad we went the long way around. It was completely flooded see pictures below, needles to say no one was waiting to be splashed but we did have a giggle when some one drove at full speed to go through the forge as usual, only to then notice the road was now a river... well they soon decided to stop as we all looked on in horror.

The river in the distance is where the road should be.

Ella loved feeding the ducks and felt very sorry for the swans, ducks and geese that were further around the lake, so next time we will take a full bread loaf and remember to keep some for them.

After a yummy lunch we walked back through the woods... going on a bear hunt, Ella completely loved this and was convinced we would find one. Jeremy just didn't know what I was on about but we had a great laugh, needles to say we didn't find one. (see this link if you are unsure of the book.. )

We also found lots of signs of spring plus plenty of wildlife who have been enjoying the treats left by visitors.

I have never seen a squirrel so big, he knows where the best spot to feed is.

I have nearly finished my little project so will include pictures on the next post (mental note... order bag handles). Thank you again for all your help on the fabric front I have even more projects in mind. And now that the frantic Christmas rush is over I have some free time to make some of the things planned.



Katherines Dream said...

Hi Faye,
I remember my George & Harry as pup's....I would have to talk softly to them and stroke their ears, then they would nod off to sleep - just a little comforting and they are happy.
You had a lovely day today......I am getting cabin fever ! I really need a long walk in the countryside.
Where exactly is Rufford?

Claire said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out. I wish I had access to a car and could get to nice places like that without it being a military operation planning it all!

Looking forward to seeing your new things x

Vanessa said...

Rufford is always a winner! That squirrel is huge!

Thanks for the comment you left with the website address for the nice basket, 1 is one the way to me as we speak.