Friday, 11 January 2008

Rain Rain Go Away
The weather here has been pretty horrid for the last few days and just isn't reflecting my mood. I'm longing for Springtime and cant wait to be able to get back into the garden and have lots of lovely flowers to look at... oh and some sunshine would be fantastic. In anticipation of spring I have already got a mad clearing out bug so have been 'spring cleaning' the rooms and well I just don't know where all the clutter comes from. As a result of all of my sorting I now need to do a run to the charity shop with a gigantic box of clothes, a trip to the clothing bank to recycle the things that are not suitable for the charity shop then a trip to the skip to get rid of endless cardboard boxes, a hoover and... well the list just goes on.

I cant wait for my roses to come into bloom, sadly that will take quite a while.

We are planning to go to Rufford park tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a break in the rain. Ella will have a great time even if it does, she just loves all the rain and puddles, I may even join in with the puddle splashing.

Thank you for your replies and help with my search for the fabric, I actually cant believe that I have got lots of blue polka dot fabric that is exactly what I was wanting, it was just in the shape of a laundry bag that I sell on the website, sadly I have no nice pictures to show you as the light is just too dreary to even attempt to take pictures but hopefully I will have some pictures of the finished project soon.



Vanessa said...

I hope you have a nice walk around Rufford. I only discovered how beautiful it was when I did a craft fair there last year!

Katherines Dream said...

Thank you for your kind words Faye.
I hope you have a lovely day at Rufford.
Carol x

Curlew Country said...

Oh Faye I know just what you mean. We've only really finished unpacking but already I've got the urge to sort out again! I try really hard to revel in the season - ut I'm not so sure its possible to enjoy winter after Christmas has been and gone, bit hard work. I'm going to do some rose shopping for my new garden and see if that helps to keep me going until the flowers actually bloom. Snowdrops will be out soon - hang on in there and hope you enjoy Rufford.

jessica daisy said...

Hi Faye I think I may be able to help with the spotty fabric. Unfortunately I can't double check because for some reason your website won't load for me. The fabric is made by a company called globaltex, that my sister-in-law uses for curtains and blinds. It has a similar weight to the cath kidston cotton duck, it's very good quality cotton, and is in a pale powder blue with white spots approx 1cm in dia. I have found a ebay seller with a listing of it here:

prettyshabby said...

Hi Faye, sophie perks ward does a lovely cotton polka dot in pale blue with small's a greengate one and in the sale at the moment-she also sends out fabric samples too..try googling her name and you'll find her online shop.hope that helps!